Clear Acrylic 4" Trough w/grill


Acrylic Trough with Grill

Bend the hooks the way you like!

Available in clear plastic so you can see when you're out!

With removable separator grill to prevent scattering.

1 1/8" high and 2 1/4" deepth front to back and 4" wide, perfect small trough for just a few birds.

Recommended for finches, canaries, parakeets, budgies and similar sized birds

Imported from Italy - 2GR

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Acrylic 4Product Info 4 Inch Trough w/Grill
4 w" x 2 1/4" d x 1 1/2" high. Acrylic Trough with grill from 2GR. Easy Clean & easy to hook on the cage. This is recommended for small birds like canaries, finches, parakeet and similar sized birds. Back in stock:)