Parrot Feed Cup with Irons


Acrylic Coop Cup Made for Parrots!

4"w x 3"d x 2.5"h

Heavy duty feeder cup with irons

Clear Plastic for quick viewing of food level!

Great treat cup for your Parrots food sources.

This is larger then it appears in the picture:)

Recommended for Parrots and Hookbills

Imported from Italy - 2GR

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Parrot Seed Cup - Acrylic Heavy Duty with IronsProduct Info Parrot Seed Cup with Irons
4 w" x 3"d x 2 1/2"h with irons. Clear Heavy Plastic treat cup by 2GR. Easy Clean & easy to install. This is recommended for Parrots. It attaches by bending the irons