STA Soluzioni Plastic Water Tubes

plastic water tube, 3, 7, or 14 oz - Bird Cage Accessories - watererplastic water tube 14 oz w/perch

STA Soluzioni Plastic Water Tubes clear and blue

  • Easy on and off the cage makes for quick water changes
  • Tubes are dishwasher safe in the top rack but will last alot longer if you wash them by hand.
  • Keeps water cleaner then open containers and makes it harder for them to bathe in their drinking water.
  • I like using blue one day, clear the next, then if interrupted, I can easily pick back up where I left off.

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    14 oz water Tube for cage bird-cage bird accesssory.Product Info STA Water Tube 14 oz
    Plastic bird waterer from Italy - 2 3/4" diameter x 6" high with a long lip. Easy on and off and holds about 14 ounces. Available in Clear and fits 1/2" spaced cage bars. New XLarge Lucca Tube - 400cc. by 2GR
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    Wide Mouth Water Tube for Cage Birds.Product Info 14 oz Wide Mouth water tube
    ONLY 8 Left! Large Plastic water tube, clear top with white base. 2.75" diameter x 5.25" high - 16 oz capacity with plastic clip and mounts inside the cage NOT recommended for baby finches, we actually had a baby zebra finch get up inside one and drown... not sure how, but I wouldn't use with baby birds.