8 Inch Plastic Perch

8in twist in plastic perch - Bird Cage Accessory

8 inch plastic twist in perch - 1/2 inch diameter, great for finches, canaries and parakeets.

Clean perches can help make happy healthy birds. Changing and keeping perches clean can be cumbersome. Try removing dirty perches and replacing with these clean and easily sanitized perches. Just less than 1/2" in diameter and 8" long. Fits easily in 1/2" spaced cage bars.

Most people who try these, come back for more:)


8 inch plastic twist in perch for caged birdsProduct Info Plastic Twist Perch
8" Plastic Twist Perch. Easy Grip. Easy Clean & easy to clip on the cage. Grooved perch, fits all types of cages. This is recommended for small birds like canaries, finches, parakeet and similar sized birds.