Plastic Egg Tweezers

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Plastic Egg Tweezers for handling Canary/Finch Eggs-Canary and Finch Breeding Supplies

Handle Your Pet Bird's Eggs Safely with Egg Tweezers

  • No danger of oils and sweat from your hands.
  • Less pressure on the eggs being handled
  • Less likely to be effected by bacteria
  • Light weight plastic!
  • Easy cleaning and disinfecting!
  • Inexpensive so buy a couple to have on hand.
  • Takes a little getting used to but once you master them, you will love them!

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    Plastic Egg Tweezers for safer egg handlingProduct Info Plastic Egg Tweezers 6"
    To aid in Egg inspection - Sweat from your hand can break down the eggs protective coating and allow bacteria to kill your fertile eggs - Prevent dead in the shells by using the tweezers when it is necessary to handle fragile eggs. A must have breeding supply. Sorry Out... come from Italy so.. months out.