2GR Open Plastic Trough Feeder


Open Trough Feeder With Plastic Hooks!

  • 7" long
  • white plastic
  • trough 1.5" to back wall
  • trough less then 1" deep
  • over 3" to back wall with perch
  • back is 1 3/4" high
  • built in plastic hooks on the back
  • can take more dropping then the acrylic ones:)

    Recommended for finches, canaries, parakeets, budgies and similar sized birds

    Imported from Italy

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    White Plastic Open Seed Trough - 7Product Info White Plastic Open Trough Bird Feeder
    7" White Plastic Open Feeder Troughs by 2GR. Easy Grip on the grooved perch. Plastic hooks in the back making hanging in the cage easy. This is recommended for small birds like canaries, finches, parakeet and similar sized birds.