Multi Feeders


Plastic Trough Feeder with inside cups

15" white plastic trough with 4 inner feeders each 3 3/4 wide by 2 1/8 deep x 1 3/4" tall.

Individual cups can be used with trough or separately they all have their own plastic hooks!

Recommended for finches, canaries, parakeets, budgies and similar sized birds

Imported from Italy

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White Plastic Open Seed Trough - 15Product Info 2GR Multi Feeder
15" White Plastic Open Feeder Troughs by 2GR with 4 smaller feeders within. Smaller feeders can be used with or without the trough. Each small inner cup has plastic hooks on the back making hanging in the cage easy. This is recommended for small birds like canaries, finches, parakeet and similar sized birds.