Dino Drinker

2Gr Dino Drinker 1/2oz Water tubes clear, green or blue - Cage Bird Accessories

1/2 oz (20cc) Water tubes

  • Fits 1/2 wire spaced cages easily
  • Comes in Clear, Green and Blue plastic
  • Easy off and on for quick water changes
  • I use a set of clear and a set of blue and change back and forth, helps me to keep track of where I'm at and be sure everyone gets fresh water! Now we have green for medicine water:)
  • These tubes work great for the smaller birds like finches and canaries
  • Top Rack Dishwasher safe
  • Only good for short periods, not much water 20cc, tiny tube

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    2GR 1/2 oz Plastic Water Tube for cage Birds - Dino drinker blue green or clear.Product Info Dino Drinker - 20 cc - 1/2 oz
    Plastic bird waterer from Italy - 7/8 " diameter x 3" high with spout on. Easy on and off and holds about 1/2 ounce. Available in Clear, green or blue. These work great on hospital cages, show cages and travel cages. Tiniest water tube I have ever seen:)