Leo Siphon - Water Tube

200cc about 7 oz plastic water tube by 2GR

7 oz Water tubes - 200cc

  • Fits 1/2 vertical wire cages easily
  • Roughly about 5" tall x 2" diameter
  • Comes in Clear and Blue plastic
  • Easy off and on for quick water changes
  • I use a set of clear and a set of blue and change back and forth, helps me to keep track of where I'm at and be sure everyone gets fresh water!
  • These tubes work great for the smaller birds like finches and canaries
  • Top Rack Dishwasher safe

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    6.7 oz Plastic Water Tube for Cage Birds- 200ccProduct Info Leo Siphon - 200cc - 6.7oz
    2GR Plastic bird waterer from Italy - 2" diameter x 5.0" high with a long low lip. I forced it into 1/4" wire but...wouldn't say it really fits:) Easy on and off and holds almost 7 ounces, 200 cc. Available in Blue and Clear. Fits 1/2" spaced cage bars. Slightly different the STA water tubes but holds the same amount..