Plastic Aviary Feeder

Aviary feeder for multiple birds-plastic

Hanging Aviary Feeder

Great for large flocks and flights with 1/4" hardware cloth.

Hang from the ceiling!

Holds over 4 cups of fresh clean seed for the crew:)

These are great for feeding multiple birds.

  • Has a dark green circular perch
  • 8 feeding holes to keep seed clean and accessible

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    Hanging Aviary Waterer 2 and half liter plasticProduct Info Plastic Aviary Feeder
    This feeder can hang from the cage or be placed on the floor or feeding station. Dark Green and clear plastic. Roof to keep food below clean. Eight holes to help reduce scatter, keep food cleaner and give each bird their own space. Plastic tray with circular perch. LOW STOCK - last case