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Lustar plastic water tube for cage birds. Plastic Lustar Water Bottle
All purpose plastic water tube - 6" high - Fasten to cage with "all way" plastic clip. Great water bottles for any small caged birds, like canaries and finches.
Similar style to the glass tubes but...less breakage:) Holds 3 oz of water.

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Finger Trays - Lustar- Bird cage Accessory.Product Info - Breeding Cage Lustar Finger Tray
ONLY 22 Left! Clear acrylic, 2 1/8" L x 1/2" Wide - Plastic and fit 1/2" bar space cages. Simply slide thru the outside and click into place. Great supplement trays that are easily serviced from outside the cage.
Great for Eggshell and Kelp! NO LONGER AVAILABLE!