Wooden Ladders

Wooden ladders 12 and 15 inch

12 inch 7 rung or 15 inch 9 rung!

All cage birds need a ladder from time to time. They are fun to run up and down, or to reach a perch or feeder. They are made from soft pine and smooth for your birds safety. Just lean against cage wall, it easily attaches with 2 metal cup hooks at the top. Can also be hung from the roof for environment psychological enrichment. Enhances almost any cage birds environment.

Help handicap of elderly birds reach the perches and food with less effort.

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Wooden Ladders 8.5, 12 15inch and 18 inchProduct Info Wooden Ladders
7 rung 12 inch or 9 rung 14.5 inch wooden ladders make great fun for your birds. Hang from the wall or for real fun try the roof! Now 8.5 inch 5 rung and 18" 11 rung ladders too!