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Friends of Glamorous Gouldians

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Bird Breeders:

Exotic Birds by my wonderful Friend Eva- CA

Finches and Canaries - Mark & Marjorie Schack, Wisconsin.

Lady Gouldian Finches - Bev's Birds, Tucson Arizona.

Lady Gouldian Finches - Todd Biggs from Dexter, MI

Sweet Tweet Aviary - Roger Rotarious' Gouldian finches Roseville, MI


Avian Vet:

Cedar Creek Veterinary Clinic - My personal favorite is Dr. Derek Nolan

Bird Products:

Naturally for Birds UK distributor!

Martie Lauster's site for colored finch leg bands!

M&M Cage Company Full Spectrum Bird Light

Herman Brothers - Make your own seed blends:)

S.T.A. Soluzioni - Cage Accessories from Italy

Avitech Avian Products

Dr. Harveys Avian Blends

Golden Farm Products

Natra Pet - All naturals

Vetafarm Products

Pet Products:

Premier Pet Supply - By far the best Pet Store in Metro Detroit!

F un Time Dog Shop - All profits go to recuse dogs:) Located here in Michigan!

Bird Clubs and Organizations:

The American Federation of Aviculture

Save the Gouldian Fund

Rainbow Feathers Bird Club and Rescue

Motor City Bird Breeders Inc.

National Finch and Soft bill Society

Sick Bird Research Tools:

Avian Biotech Lab

Non-Bird Related:

Corporate Custom Apparel - Tracy Whiting

Jack's Music Store - Jack and Tina Johnson

Jenny's Salon - My venture with my daughters:)