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Hi, My name is Terri and I am a hobby lady gouldian finch breeder. To say I have a passion for lady gouldian finches is a major understatement. I have over 500 birds and have pairs breeding year round. I breed all color mutations of gouldians and am in a constant state of change and working to improve my stock each generation. I am a member of Save the Gouldian Fund, and National Finch and Softbill Society.

I have a large flock of eleven species of finches, 5 canary types, and 3 parakeet species. I am one individual and not a big corporation so understand I can not answer all the phone calls that come in, it's just takes more time then I have. If you have a question or problem, I find it best resolved thru email. I am by myself and super busy I ask that you please use the online web store for orders. I've worked really hard to put all the products on here so please use the site to place your order. I simply can not take phone orders:)

To be a keeper of lady gouldian finches is to become an expert in poopology and requires a few hours of observation daily. Bobbing tails, red legs, drooping wings, watery droppings, yellow droppings, dark green droppings, sleeping during the day or droppings that smell are all important things to watch for! Gouldian finches love to fly and need an adequate sized cage to do so. I would suggest a cage that is a minimum of 30" wide. However, the wider the better:) They do require regular parasite treatments and you should have an emergency kit of antibiotics and medications in case they should fall ill or get hurt. I heard once, the more exotic and beautiful the bird...the more difficult it is to keep in a cage. It is a great and challenging hobby for those with the time and money to devote to it! I personally love it and work on my flock all day, just about every day:)

Please support the Save The Gouldian Fund. The lady gouldian finch needs our help. Why not stop in and sponsor a wild gouldian family with a nest box? Or become a member. If we all do a little, together we can accomplish alot.

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